Emerging infectious diseases

Lecture at the University of Bern (15 December, 2017)

Quantitative Life Sciences: from Infectious Diseases to Ecosystems

Guest lecture for a block course at the University of Zurich (30 November – 21 December, 2017)

Infektiologie (Übertragbare Krankheiten: Grundbegriffe, Epidemieabklärung, Meldewesen)

Lecture at the University of Bern (16 January, 2018)

Mathematical Modelling in Infectious Disease Epidemiology

3-day course at the Swiss Epidemiology Winter School in Wengen (18-20 January, 2016)

Modelling of the dynamics of infectious diseases is becoming increasingly important for improving understanding about transmission and the potential impact of public health interventions. In this course, students will be introduced to the main concepts of mathematical modelling of infectious diseases such as the basic reproductive number, R0. We will further study topics such as vaccination thresholds, stochastic effects, sexual networks and superspreading. The students will be able to work on real-life applications of infectious disease modelling with case studies of seasonal influenza and the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. Exercises will be conducted in the programming language R. Previous knowledge of R will be useful but is not essential.

Course script (2016)